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The vision quest was one of my best decisions in my life so far. It felt like discovering a plug to recharge my inner batteries. It made me feel stronger and more confident in my own future. Thinking back, I can still smell the fragrance of certain trees and flowers, I can still feel the cold fresh water on my skin, I can still hear birds and crickets. It opened my eyes and my soul.”  Woman, 40

We are of nature, we are not separated from nature 

Each year we’re having several seminars for english speaking people, from vision quest to drum building, from body, voice and drum workshops to medicine walks. If you’re interested, please contact me.

  • Introduction into Story mirroring, Summer 2021, Swiss Mountains
  • Body, Voice & Drum Workshop, Glasgow, autumn, please ask for leaflet
  • Frame Drum Building & Walking on Soul Tracks in Nature, Feb. 17 - 21, 2021
  • Counselling in and with nature in Central Swiss Alps for english speaking participants, who are living in Switzerland. Please make a contact.

Guided by

Yvonne Laeubli, Vision Quest Guide (School of Lost Borders) Counsellor, Musician